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We provide top-notch trading education and actionable trade ideas…

Today, EuropeFX Academy is an active member of the day trading and swing trading educational communities, supporting and participating in the Trader and Investor Summit, Traders4ACause, and others. Using the best tools to provide top-notch trading education and actionable trade ideas remains the core mission of EuropeFX Academy.

EuropeFX Academy

Our mission

Our Mission is to Create 50,000 Freedom Traders That Can Live Their Life With Freedom & Independence by 2020… Will You Be One Of Them?

Our Goals

Now, we wish we could help every trader be successful, but that’s impossible. We have a high probability of increasing your chances of success, but it’s not 100%…

Our Vision

We create profitable traders with a lifestyle of freedom and independence. That’s why the global trading community has gathered around us.

If you are at the very beginning of your finance experience, it can be hard to find orientation where to start. How do you approach the new language of raising impact investment? Which level of knowledge do you really need? Which is the best way for you to learn? In daily chunks, in bigger modules, or with an entire course? By mapping the journey with a suitable framework, you can plan the right steps for an individual, tailored learning trip beyond the confusing Tower of Babel. Do some targeted reading